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Where flowers are our inspiration

Albidaa Flora is a full-scale luxury floral company that stands for fashionable flower arrangements for homes, offices and retail outlets, event floristry, VIP and bespoke gifting and luxurious home products. At Albidaa Flora, the floral knowledge and elegance remains intact and is carefully transmitted by our team of professionals, whose creativity, ability and sensibility are unmatched.


Drawing inspiration from seasonal colors and flowers, Albidaa Flora consistently delivers works of floral art that personify simple elegance and refined glamour.


  • Retail: within our retail outlet, our product range includes luxury floral arrangements made from either fresh flowers, long life flowers, or faux flowers.
  • Corporate: we work with corporate clients in various sectors including retail, recreational and F&B. Our experienced team works to create a bespoke design, suitably aligned with the client’s brand and business operations. These includes:
    • Elegant and stylish floral arrangements for offices, restaurants, retail shops, etc.
    • Floral arrangements for corporates to gift their VIP clients. These can be branded with the client’s own logo with Albidaa Flora logo, depending on client’s preferences and minimum quantities
    • Arrangements for corporate events
    • Workshops during activations or product launches
    • Giveaways and corporate giftings
  • Events/Weddings: specializing in corporate and bespoke events, we work meticulously with event directors to plan a memorable and magnificent floral display. Elegance is always assured, with our expert team imaginatively creating original bouquets, unique centerpieces and captivating floral displays.
  • Private Clients: creating bold and artistic floral displays for private clients whether it’s for their home decoration or small gatherings. Some examples include:
    • Small private gatherings
    • Home plants
    • Decoration for certain occasions
    • Giveaways during certain occasions e.g.: weddings, graduation



Working with Albidaa Flora does not simply end at delivery of standard arrangements. As we are a full-scale company, you will be dealing with professionals who are able to support with many other aspects. We have summarize some of the additional benefits of working with Albidaa Flora:


  • Design expertise: our design team are constantly experimenting and coming up with new creations that are unique and memorable. This is always applied with our clients, and always maintaining the brand identity and specific guidelines we have to follow.
  • Innovative ideas: we are constantly working on new ideas to support our clients achieve their desired outcome in terms of design, but also taking into consideration elements such as costs. One of the items we’ve introduced to help customers achieve their design requirements while reducing costs is the introduction of high quality, “real touch” faux flowers that can be used to replace fresh flowers.
  • Events: although limited events are being held for the time being due to COVID19, moving forward, once most of the events are permitted again, our existing clients would have preferential rates on flora set up for events, product launches or activations.
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